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We have a worse team now than at the start of last season, we are going down!!!

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We are a month away from the start of the new season.  With only the Ameobi saga and Gow being linked.

Time is rapidly running out to get in any players and if we do, how long will it take to get them up to speed with the rest of the team?

Not only is our team worse than at the start of last season, we have less of these mediocre players too.

Can there really be any other scenario than a struggle at the foot of the table?  A couple of injuries and we will have youth team players, playing up front and in defence.

This can''t be the planned ideal scenario can it, Delia, Roeder, Doncaster et al?

I''d be very suprised if Roeder''s transfer budget is any more than £3m MAX.  If this is the case it might not sound so bad, but when you look at our squad, its disastrous!!  I think Roeder is hoping to get Ameobi for £1.5 - £2m leaving £500k - £1m for 1 or 2 more players, then hoping he can get loans in and youth players step up to the mantle.  He probably does not even have this!

Yes loans helped last season, but who is to say they will help this season?  And who is to say Glenn will get them or the ones he wants/we need?

We will be the Derby of the Championship, Roeder will leave but at least we will have a nice empty hotel to look at when we are in League One, and at least you will be able to stay there on the cheap, you also won''t need to reserve your table at Delia''s and it will cost £20 to get photographed with the squad, sorry I mean youth team and other team''s players.

Our decline is slow, but gradual and there for all to see.  With current board the same will happen in League One.  Challenging for promotion for a couple of seasons, then a middle table side then struggling at the bottom.

It''s so annoying and sad

OTBC [:''(]

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