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Great White Shark or Piranha Fish? How much of his personal fortune is PC willing to invest to acquire NCFC? One recent Archant article suggests that industry sources say that the Clubs shares are worth about £10 to £15 each as opposed to the £25 I and many others paid nearly 5 years ago. Is PC hoping to offer all us small shareholders only half what we paid? At least we don''t have to sell whereas Delia would have to for PC to gain control. Why should she? I am sure that she & Michael have put far more into NCFC than the ridiculous figure of £700,000 quoted in some of yesterdays postings.

What would PC achieve? Perhaps he would turn us into the new Middlesborough albeit with a lower profile owner than Steve Gibson. Am I up for it? Yes if PC wants it enough. Lets face it he could eat NCFC, Delia and the rest of us for breakfast.

Meanwhile we will have to stick with what we have got.

No hope? Well at least being mid table in the Championship (or even League One) means we will be closer to the Teams at the top or the bottom and offer better prospects of a more exciting end to the season.

I will support NCFC through thick and thin regardless of the owners, I trust the rest of you will. That doesn''t necessarily mean agreeing with the owners. But who says you are more likely to agree with PC than Delia & Michael. He won''t always be tuned in to planet NCFC from his ivory tower in Maidstone.

Take the Chill Pill.


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The fact is that Cullum has flashed the £20m pot of gold but it has no substance.

Like any business, if he wants control, he has to buy a controlling share from those who own the shares, be it Delia Smith, or Joe Bloggs the fan with 1 share.

Cullum has no interest in purchasing shares, but wants control. This just doesn''t work in reality. Cullum is an astute businessman and knows this. The £20m was just flashed in order to turn opinion against the board. He''s playing a long game in order to take over the club. Hearts and minds.

It may happen, and it may not. Either way, the team carries on, and as fans that should be our focus.

Cullum''s posturing and the boards counter-discussions will take forever and a day to resolve, so lets leave them to get on with it. If he''s serious then eventually he knows he''ll have to buy shares.

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