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Mark Turner

Norwich manager game!!

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I recently purchased the Norwich City club manager game. It''s quite good, i started off really well topof the league crusing then it just went all wrong, lost six games in a row. Ant 1 no any decent players on there to buy. And any tatics and formations for me, i need all the help i can get at the moment.

Back to real life Huckers and Crouch have done wonders great to watch, but it seems that club and fans have different ideas and ambitions and we seem to be on different wave lenghts, the trouble over will theystay wont they stay seems to be breaking the two apart. Fact is we don''t have money. No money no players, but then again no players no promotion. If we get either of them promotion is likely but don''t think it''s looking good.I think it could be a few years yet until the dream ofthe premiershipis alive, it''s going to be a slow process and us fans need to support the board whether we like it or not.


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