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I am writing this not having attended the match due to work but what I have heard and read it seems to me that Milwall were the better team even though they apparently struggled to field a team due to injuries. Whilst a point away from home is always a good result it is getting so tight up at the top that I cant help feeling that Norwich will once again be left the bridesmaids come may unless they can fathom out some wins away from home. Teams who can put a run together with home and away wins will I feel open a significant gap at the top and though it pains me to say it I cant help feeling that Ipswich who won at Cardiff last week followed by a home victory today and now only two points behind us will be the ones to take advantage of other teams inability to put together three or four straight wins. Again we have missed the chance to go top and this must be at least the fourth time this season and whilst people may say it is where we are in May that matters I do feel that if we can go for it more away from home it will make our task that much more easier instead of having to fight out a dogfight in the last few games of the season. I am sorry if I am jumping the gun a bit through not seeing the game today and perhaps those of you that went can enlighten me as to how we played and did we just go for the point or did we attack for the win. Either way as I said in an earlier posting this league is there for the taking this season just a bit more consistency with regards the wins. Dont look as though we are keeping Crouch either though the situation is rather bemusing considering we didnt know the situation pror to kick off in his last game on loan for us.

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