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After today''s episodes at the New Den, I wonder if this idiot is ever going to learn!
How many times has he been sent off in his career? (Does anyone out there know?) Also, how many careers has he brought to a premature end, and how many serious injuries has he caused through his over-aggressive, frankly reckless and dangerous play? Players with a history like Muscat should, in my opinion, be very closely monitored and very heavily punished for any transgression. This is other people''s livelihoods at stake when they come up against him, and it certainly isn''t the laughing matter that the Skysports presenters seemed to think it was when discussing the match report and finding it hilarious that he had lasted on the pitch as long as he had. (Interesting that at Carrow Road he hardly dare put in a tackle on anyone, whereas in front of his own supporters it seems to be an acceptable norm).
Safe to say I don''t think Darren Huckerby will be opting to visit Mr. Muscat''s territory on loan or with a permanent contract in his hand, so that''s one less club to compete with come January, I suppose.
Incidentally, someone quite prominent in football said this week that Steven Gerrard needs taking control of, otherwise "he will end someone''s career sooner or later". I can''t remember who the quote is from, but I hope he isn''t proved right. Perhaps posters can think of some other individuals who come into the category of aggressive, dangerous psychopaths who see the red mist swirling all over the pitch and then just lose it.

Before I finish I just want to add my thanks to Peter Crouch for all he has done for our club. It is clear from what NW has said that he is just the kind of person, as well as player, we want here. I have a sneaking suspicion that today''s match may not be the last time we see him in green and yellow, but we may have to play a bit of a waiting game, yet again. Good luck, Peter, and hope to see you back here soon. (How about a 3rd round FA cup tie with Villa here just after Christmas, then?)

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