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Do you fancy having your own unique e-mail address and be the envy of all your family and friends?
For a small admin charge of only £3-00 for 2 years (cash or cheque) or £3-25 (paypal) you can have "your name"@canary-fan.co.uk
For example:- gazza@canary-fan.co.uk or delia.smith@canary-fan.co.uk
This is purely an e-mail forwarding service to your existing e-mail address.
But hurry; this offer is limited to the first 50 applicants only. So please respond quickly to make sure you get the name you require!
For further information and to apply for your exclusive e-mail address please contact admin@canary-fan.co.uk

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...and the prize for the lamest ever attempt at advertising products on this messageboard goes to Cazza and Yellow Bird.

"Good idea, I really like my new e-mail address." Oh my god, do they really think we''re so backward and rural that we won''t notice straight away they''re cack-handedly trying to endorse their own product under a new pseudonym created a few days later? Get a life!

They''re probably not even fans, despite the "OTBC". Could be the first sighting amongst many to come of exploitation of our new premiership status (even before we''re officially in it)by outside interests?

Anyway, this is merely a sign of our great success this season so for their achievements I''d like to thank Worthie, the team, the board & fellow fans for getting us back. Does anyone think any of the team post on or read this messageboard? They could actually use their real name and no-one would know. OTBC!

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