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Norwich City AKA Britney Spears FC

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Ooops! We did it again.  Yet another player snatched from under our noses with the possibility Martin Paterson could be signing for Burnley.

This is becoming a joke, We missed out on Paddy McCourt because he wanted to play for his boy hood idols, Celtic. Ok fair enough, but will he get the first team football he turned down Prem League West brom for because they couldnt guarantee it?????  I dont think so. Money, thats all he went there for.

Yet again we get the usual in the papers,  Signing soon, be patient.  How much longer can Britney FC go without a squad to call its own. Pre season must be starting very soon and all we have is a reasonably good 5 a side team with subs.

I think its getting to the point that so many City fans are soooooo frustrated that we are all bracing ourselves for a relegation fight. but lets listen to them all as usual and be patient. Im looking forward to the Spurs match, some of their latest signings look fantastic.

Cmon on you Britney, Cmon you Britney. i mean City.

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If rumours about Ameobi are true, why would we even want to spend money

on Patterson? He was being quoted at about £2 mil as well, so I don''t

really think he''s been "snatched from under our noses".  As for

McCourt, I don''t think he''s really that great a loss as it looked like

he was only going to be back-up for us as well... and notice that he

actually had a trial here under Worthy and was sent back, though that

was a few years ago.

Try to have a little patience, Kevin, and try not to get too bitter........ [:P]

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