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Give Hucks and the Norwich fans one more game: Update

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Hello again,Just a quick update for those which care or have not seen the post before.So far we have over 1050 people signed up to the Facebook group set up to give Hucks one more game.  One thing I would like to make clear is that this is not a protest against Roeder, the club or the board.  Simply a group to see how many people would be interested in a one off game to get Hucks back at Carrow Road.  All the proceeds can go to Charity.Also we have an online petition set up, mainly for the benefit of those with out access to Facebook.  As above, the idea is to gauge interest and so the term "petition" may be a little strong.Anyway, if you are interested please sign up above.  Also if you have anyways which you feel could increase exposure of the idea at this early stage, please let me know at conker89@gmail.com or via the Facebook group.Thanks for your time.Simon

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