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Old Yeller

the lost 6 squillion

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When are we a small but ambitious family club, with sensible people looking after our well-managed finances? And when are we that other club who can have one of the best seasons in their history and still lose 6 million quid? Is there some form of schizophrenia at work here?
Or is it all a matter of context?
I suspect that the Doomcaster has ended his period of near-silence to put down a marker to both the fans and to players. We are NOW being told about the 6 million loss because:
a) players (both current and prospective) are going to be negotiating contracts with the club and the club wants to keep their agents in check.
b) supporters are having their expectations of who the club can afford lowered.
I doubt that the "reality" is as bad as the figure of 6 million makes it sound (if it was, we would be expecting heads to roll and we wouldn''t be in the market for any new players).
You can see all of this as prudent leadership, if you wish, but it has SLIGHTLY soured the euphoria of recent weeks for me as it seems like a throwback to the bad old days of Ch**e , where supporters were mistrusted, could never be given the whole picture, and had to be "managed" for their own good.

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