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back room staff cull

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This is the easy part of the job. You just have to look at the academy production line to see that it has not been working for some years now. It was high time for a clear out. Roeder now has to prove himself big time. You cant loan in coaches & physios after all. So the club has got its work cut out to replace that little lot. It''s easier to fire than it is to hire. Maybe there will be room for the likes of a Iwan Roberts in all of this. His biggest task is still going to be on the pitch. It''s a lot of players to get in in a short space of time and coaches are going to have to be in place and up to speed on the clubs ideals before any pre season trainning gets going. Not much time for holidays for Mr Roeder and Doncaster this year by the sound of things. 

Expect a few more changes as well I recon.

Hope the tea lady has not said anything out of line, or brews the right flavour/brand of tea or else she could be off too! 



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