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Player Ratings V Coventry

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Well that was fun!  Another away day no-show summed up as follows:

Marshall   9   MOM performance (for us at least) saved us from a real stuffing with some excellent saves

Valesco (apologies if that''s not his name or the spelling''s wrong)   0   Possibly the worst debut start in the history of the club and humiliatingly substituted after only 20 mins.  Frankly he was lucky to get that long! At fault for the goal.

Doc   5   OK performance but hardly the nippiest right back in the league and got sent off as a result.

Shacks   4   Better second half once Pearce came on but looked shakey and unsure of positional side of the game

Pearce   6   Looked the most assured of the defenders although that''s not saying much!

Camara   5   I thought he was unlucky to be substituted but I suppose as we were already a goal down Glen thought Bertrand would add more of an attacking threat down the left - he was wrong

Bertrand   3   I have no objection to the full back being out of position when he is bombing forward trying to set up a goal but to be continually be out of position because you are loitering with no intent on the half way line is very frustrating.  Too week to defend and too afraid to go forward, which is a shame because he is a skillful player.

Russell   4   And this weeks award for headless chicken of the week goes to.......When he did eventually get to the ball he missed it and kicked the player instead.  I like Rusty but the best you can say for him on todays performance was that we didn''t miss him after he got sent off.

Fotheringham   4   If shouting at all and sundry including the ref and your own team mates equated to winning games we would have a real world beater on our hands with Fozzy - sadly it doesn''t and we haven''t.

Croft   5   Didn''t have a very good game today but I believe that we always look a bit better when he is on the pitch - that was true today but it''s not saying much!

Pattison   5   And the runner-up in the headless chicken of the week award goes to...........

Dublin   5   A few nice touches and won his share in the air but we spent too long today just lumping long balls up to him with no-body supporting.

Cureton   4   Did nothing when he came on except for one snap shot at a well worked free kick - shame I am a Cureton fan and always have been but he needs to up his game

Evans   5   Slightly better than Jamie and gives us more mobility up front.  On this evidence should start every game.

Roeder   3   Wrong team selection cost us dearly today - to be fair he recognised it early and made changes after only 20 mins but he MUST keep it simple and we MUST play 4-4-2.  This ridiculous 1 up front thing just doesn''t work as the midfield are not up to it.

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I went to Coventry full of hope and I came back full of despair...

Firstly the Ricoh great stadium, shame about the fans no atmosphere and us yella''s outsung em when they scored with the usual chorus of O.T.B.C and we were the loudest throughout the match , big respect to all the other canary''s that went today we didnt deserve that performance.

Now to the game firstly I have to comment on Mr. Roeder WHY THE HELL PLAY DION UP FRONT ON HIS OWN?!? the man (G.R)  had a ''mare tactically and by the time he made the early subs the game was lost imo. Coventry didnt impress me that much but then again neither did we!

Marshy- my man of the match made some STUNNING saves if it wasnt for him Cov. would have won 5+ nil 9/10

Valesco- slow, didnt look bothered, the Cov. left mid. had a great time up against him - all credit to G.R for subbing him although it was a little late

Shackell- his fault for the goal but made some good tackles and clearances

Doherty - didnt stand out for me but he was generally solid before his STUPID [:@] sending off

Camara- he got subbed early i couldnt see why didnt really do anything wrong but didnt stand out

Croft- had a couple of runs but as usual lost the ball and had no end product what-so-ever

Fotheringham- some good build up play but also some stupid passes straight to cov. players, average

Russell- he must have enjoyed his time off because it appeared as if he wanted to be dismissed

Pattison- impressed me ,had a few shots a few good passes but like the rest of the team made some stupid mistakes

Bertrand - didnt stand out, had a couple of runs again no end product

Big Dion- you had to feel sorry for him today the coventry fans booed his every touch, every contribution was classy should have had a partner from the start

Subs- Evans did little didnt stand out - Cureton great game looked lively could have scored a couple Pearce- some good blocks

Lets make no bones about it we deserved to lose today G.R was tactically inept 3/10. Cureton, Marshy and Pattison only 3 that impressed me. What say you?

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