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Predictions for our last 10 games

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Coventry (away) - Win 2-1 (struggling team so should be an easy 3 pts)

Stoke (home) - Lose 1-0 (even though we''re home I think they''re too strong for us. Could even be worse than 1-0)

Sheff Utd (away) - Draw 2-2 (always a tricky one, and its an away fixture)

Colchester (home) - Win 2-0 (see Coventry)

Bristol City (away) - Lose 3-1 (Just look at the table, I think we''re in for a drubbling here. Hope not though)

Burnley (home) - Win 2-1 (doing well so far but not impossible to beat. Could end up drawing but confident of a win here)

Ipswich (away) - Draw 1-1 (I think this year will be a stalemate all-round in the Derby-Day match ups)

West Brom (home) - Lose 2-1 (Form has dropped alittle but they''re like Stoke - they can be a real handful)

Q.P.R (home) - Win 2-1 (Provided they remain one step behind us before this fixture I think we could take 3pts, and its at home)

Sheff Weds (away) - Draw 2-2 (Weds doing crap but if we''re safe by this point I think the boys will drift off alittle. Hopeful for 3pts)


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Coventry (away) -draw 0-0 - both sides dont score many, looks like 0-0 all over it

Stoke (home) - win 1-0 stoke i can see faultering, and win here wouldnt be a shock

Sheff Utd (away) - lose 1-0, solid side, cant see norwich getting 3pts here and low score is possible, sheff at home may just edge it

Colchester (home) - Win 2-1 should win easily according to stats, but stats dont count for relegation threatened sides fighting for lives i put you 2-1 just as home factor here

Bristol City (away) - draw 0-0 - they playoff bound trust me, you may pip this 1-0 but il say 0-0 as gave you edge in col utd

Burnley (home) - Win 2-0 cant see them in playoffs, they not to good travelling, there good form will change by then

Ipswich (away) - Draw 1-1 haynes will score and so will cureton 1-1

West Brom (home) - lose 0-3 if wba get early goal they could cut norwich open, with automatic weeks away this stage i expect them to throw the kitchen sink and more at you

Q.P.R (home) - win 1-0 qpr half decent but nothing special, keep buzasky quiet and should win, ched to sign of with the winner

Sheff Weds (away) - depends on if norwich or sheff weds got anything play for/fight for il do 1-1 just in case, but who ever needs the points will win this


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