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The King of Prussia

A suggestion for Ian Clarke

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If you simply make up a "fact" and insert it in a story thus:"About 3000 Canaries'' followers travelled to Leicester - the biggest

away turnout since the team lost 6-0 at Fulham in May 2005 to seal

relegation from the Premiership."http://www.pinkun.com/content/ncfc/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&tBrand=PinkUnOnline&tCategory=Norwich&itemid=NOED18%20Feb%202008%2012%3A40%3A17%3A940I suggest you make up one that people at least have to check - every one of some 6,000 or so City fans that turned out at Chelsea just last season know that the above "fact" is bogus without having to check. And if that "fact" in your story is bogus, what guarantee is there that any of the other "facts" in it aren''t bogus too?

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