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How Do You Class And Determine 'Potential'?

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Whenever a young player makes the ranks in the first team, whether for us or for any other team, the word ''potential'' will crop up every time.We''ve seen it thrown at a fair few of our youngsters. Martin, Jarvis, Spillane and even Rossi.How many of these realise their potential? Open to opinion but mine is currently at 0. It''s all well us watching them play as a sub for 20 minutes and saying "That guy''s got a good touch" or "He looks promising", but how do you get the best out of a young player? These youngsters all seem to have the ability to go on to something, but how do we take advantage of that, and improve them?It seems as if our youngsters haven''t been looked after how they should have been. Martin had a wonderful end to last season, with a strike rate equal to Earnshaw''s. However we let him slip over the summer and he came back overweight, slow and un-interested.In Martin''s case he had the media surrounding him at all time and was hyped up to be one of the next best things, and the rumours of Manchester United and Chelsea being interested added to this. Was it right to let all this get to him? How did it affect him? All i know is since he''s signed that contract he hasn''t looked half the player. Can Roeder bring back the Martin of last season?Ryan Jarvis. Alot of us will remember that goal against Liverpool, and how he was then hyped up. Did Worthington help improve him, has his loan deals made any difference?The player i''m interested in is Spillane. He doesn''t seem the most creative, but he can tackle, run and atleast try to spread the play. He also has the physique for a demanding defensive role. I think, with Roeder, if we can get what talent he obviously has exposed, he could become a real promising player.Sorry if i''m just rambling on and generally not making any sense, but i''m only 16 and i think i''d be going all ends out right now to impress the manager and show what i could do if i was in, for example, Martin''s shoes. And after reading a topic about Jarvis wanting out, and the ''potential'' he never revealed, i needed to express my opinion. =]Any thoughts? [:D]

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