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Please Perform Hucks!!!

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After all the debate, alll the uproar, now that alot of fans have their way i just hope Huckerby can put in a performance tomorrow reminiscnet of so many over the last four years. I for one want him in the squad, he''s potentially a matchwinner off the bench. I''m slightly suprised that he''s going to start, but if he turns up then it will be a great decision. If he doesnt, then people will be on his back, and his city carear will unfortuantely end in a wimper, which would be such a shame for someone whos done so much. There aint no room for sentiment!

It would be great if tomorrowafternoon, Hucks Can roam down that left wing in front of me, just like the good old days when he terrorised everyone in the championship, twisting and turning. Lets hope he reminds us of the players he''s been and the player we will miss!!

Come on Hucks - Time for a performance!

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