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Come on You Yellows

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Ok people. Some of the horrible postings on this board have gone too far, myself included, and I''d like to step aside from the accusations for a bit and get back to football.

Most people can remember the thing that made them support this club, and for me it was the rush of adrenaline standing in the Barclay, surrounded by fully grown men (I was 10) hearing the roar of "Cooooome on yoooou Yyyyellooooows!" for the first time.

Two years ago, we didn''t expect to be in the play-offs but we - the fans, the club, the board, the manager and the players - took us there.

I''m not saying it will be easy but maybe, just maybe, we can survive the blows dealt by recent non-signings and our current small squad to surprise everyone one more time.

We need all of us shouting to recreate these moments, and I urge you not to stay at home on a saturday afternoon. Norwich will still be here years from now, and it would be a shame for anyone to miss great moments of Norwich City history. You never know when they may happen - remember Millwall away in 2001? Who''d have thought we''d whup Man City 7 days later and have the season we had?

Can you tell me you don''t want to see little Paul jinking into the box anymore? And Greeno''s outstretched hand clawing the ball to safety? The smile on Flemings face when we sing him a song? The great player Ryan Jarvis will hopefully become? I could list more, and you won''t find them watching the premiership, you can only find it here.

So, again I urge you, please don''t stay at home. The arguments and infighting can rest for a bit, and we can all support Norwich for 90 mins.

See you all tomorrow.

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Well said Mook - follows the tone of my own postings.

A united front for the team is definitely called for on Saturday not quite tomorrow -or am I a day out??? ;-)


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