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Barclay Boy

Too little too late...

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As so many people have said: why has it taken the Board until last week to come up with the idea of a new share issue to raise cash? Weeks ago, it was obvious the benefits the loan players were bringing to this club. And weeks ago, the fans were offering their hard-earned cash to keep them here. But the Board said: "No! We cannot have fans earmark cash for specific purposes; what if it doesn''t pan out?"
So now we have the scenario of being told that all cash raised will be solely for purchasing new players!! The real problem at the moment is that fans are going to be so disappointed at having captured 0 out of 3 loan players, that they will fail to purchase shares through sheer demotivation.
We have had a double demotivator this week! I know, hindsight makes everything so much easier. But we, the fans, were offering money to the club weeks ago. Now I fear the Board has shot itself firmly in the foot.
Nigel, I feel sorry for you, mate. You''ve done a brilliant job so far. Please hang in there. And players, you must be gutted, too. But we''ll all be there Saturday cheering, shouting and urging you on (and yes, I fly home for every home match from the other side of Europe. It costs me a fortune; but I want the best for this club and want I to see us back in the Premiership as soon as we can).

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