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A Bigger Picture

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I don''t post here as often as I should, but felt I should today after reading some of the comments about the Leicester result...

I too am gutted at the performance and the result. We were poor, poor, poor today and questions are rightly being asked about selection, players and tactics.

But cast your minds back to that miserable Monday at Loftus Rd when City delivered one of the most woeful performances I''ve ever seen from a professional team.

If someone had told you that night that by mid Feburary we would be mid table having just had a 13 match unbeaten run, what would you have done? Laughed at them probably as it was so unrealistic.

But, that is where we are. One defeat in 14 games of football ain''t so bad. And if you want to be statistical about it, look at the last three away games - had we got three draws at Southampton, Cardiff and Leicester we would probably all be reasonably happy, but it would only have brought three points. As it is, we''ve got six....

I''m not saying all is rosy, but let''s not be too down about one lost battle today. The bigger war is still very much on.


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