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Be so so so grateful that Glenn didnt get him...

My heritage is Polish... I have watched him for seven/eight years...

What a DONKEY... he would have done your heads in...

Ok he hit the post against us a couple of times... but those shots are technically off target misses... couldnt hit a barn door... just a big oaf..

Out of the Poland squad now... and Poland have literally no strikers... Zurawski is shot... Beenhakker is naming 22/23 year old Polish based players ahead of both of them and this is before Euro 2008... ( if you haven''t heard of it ... thats a tournament we have qualified for... lol... sorry couldn''t help myself)

Anyway back to point... he is the Polish equivalent of Keith Scott... rejoice he isn''t here...

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You mean the Nigerian who we gave a paasport to in desperation.. lol

He went to Greece at 20... Olympiakos... did his knee... lost that pace... surfaces occasionally but never settles or does anything.

Last in poland squad in 2005... after two years in wilderness following no show at 2002 world cup... but he never got a game..

Portsmouth used him once as sub...

Haven''t a clue where he is now...

However and off the point... there is a 22 year old 6''4" centre forward who has come from nowhere (Polish Div 4) to the national team in the last year... currently still playing in Polish Div 1...

Beenhakker really really rates him... Tomasz Zahorski... scored 4 in National Team friendly against Panathainakos in Jan.. we won 9-0 ..

After Euro 2008 his value will rocket (I hope !!)... but I did recomend him to the Norwich management a couple of weeks ago... we''ll see...

They prob took no notice at all... lol

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