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O.K. We didn''t get our wish regarding a proven 20 goals a season striker at this level or above. Glenn tried, but for that sort of player you''ve gotta pay silly money. He matched Brums £1 m asking price for Tiny but that got scuppered when they couldn''t get a replacement.

What he did get is a superb group of young, hungry players wanting to impress. We now have 3 players competing for every position. When, if ever did we have that option ? These youngsters are good, very good. They will spur the permanant City players to improve or lose there place,which has gotta be a plus.

I think Bertrand should be 1st choice at left back with Camara as cover. Gibbs is is a gem, who''s prefered position is left wing, but can also play left back, centre midfield and striker and has a knack for scoring goals. Likewise young Henry has an eye for goal who can play on either wing but given his height 6''1" would be an interesting option as a striker.

Here''s how i see the options.


Semmy,Bates,Spillane.  Doc,Bates,Shacks,Pearce,Dion.   Berty,Camara,Gibbs.

Crofty,Henry,Hucks.   Rusty,Fozzy,Patty,Gibbs,Spillane.   Gibbs,Berty,HucksPatty

       Ched,Dion,Henry,Gibbs,Curo,Hucks,Martin(if he gets his act together)

Competition for places should ensure even more improvement. I''m chuffed to bits with what Glenn has achieved so far with limited resources, and now look forward to the rest of the season with an exciting squad playing for their place in the starting line up.   

I now expect to be shot down in flames for this post by the the doubters and binners.                                         

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