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Tylor to WBA? Explain please Paddy Davitt

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Because your article in the pink''un certainly doesn''t. It says this:Mowbray has identified Taylor as the man to bolster Albion''s

Championship title push after his side needed a late comeback to

salvage a 3-3 home draw with Cardiff last weekend.“It''s not an

over concern but there is room for work there and I am very aware that

we lost two against Charlton and three against Cardiff,” he said. “Like

anything in football, when you ask the team to play a certain way you

leave certain areas vulnerable. I can set the team up to get some 0-0s

but I don''t particularly want to do that. I want to try to score some

goals and entertain and be a team that wins matches by scoring goals.“We

do work hard on the training ground. I know it might look at times like

we never do any defensive work but we do a lot of defensive work.

That''s why the frustration grows.”
Excuse me? So Mowbray hasn''t actually mentioned his name at all then? He thinks they''re shipping a few too many and suddenly he''s on the verge of signing Martin Taylor, is that how your journalism works Paddy?I take it therefore, that because we''re a bit goal shy up front, we''re about to sign  ( _____ _______enter name of any stiker here! ) 

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