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Yeah - his keeper did well to stay on the pitch! I''m sorry but Russell did not clatter into him - he had every right to go for that ball and as a keeper you know there are balls like that that will be 50-50s - you have no divine right for opposition players to leave it.But to then get up and punch another player - he should have gone. I can only think that neither the ref nor the linesman saw it or he would have been off and Russell would not have been given a yellow.As for Holloway - he baffles me, sometimes you like what he says, sometimes he is talking BS. I have come to the conclusion that he just likes the sound of his own voice and will prattle on for as long as you let him. I know the Plymouth fans were incredibly agrivated by him because he promised them he wouldn''t be going anywhere - a few days later he signs for Leicester.That might happen in this game - but from someone who procclaims himself as honest and down to earther etc - its a bit of a contradiction. In comparrison when Sturrock left them for Southampton he was honest and came out straight away and informed the fans that he had been approached, he was offered a lot of money - enought to set him up for life, you might not like the outcome but at least he was honest. And that is why he is back at Plymouth.

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