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Big Time Charlies

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Did anyone watch BBC2''s ''The Football Factory'' on Sunday night? Especially the young lad for Portsmouth (I forget his name, which probably says more about him than me), who was interviewed for tv, defending some players'' refusal to go to local schools and hospitals, as they were ''too busy, with very busy lives''.

Well anyway, this young guy was transferred after the making of the programme, and though he came across on tv as thinking he was the dgs blx, has recently been released by Third Division Oxford as he''s not up to standard. He believed his own publicity far too much.

It got me thinking though, now that we''re a Premiership side (never fails to feel good writing that!), will any of our players become Big Time Charlies?

I know most of the replies will say that Worthington has got a bunch of good apples, with no superstars, and no-one thinking that they''re bigger than the club. I agree with this sentiment entirely - this is the most ''together'' squad I can remember.

But which players do you think will be the most affected by the fact that we''re Premiership? They may only be affected a tiny bit, and certainly won''t refuse their community obligations (Portsmouth player: ''We do a lot for the community, and if they don''t realise it, then it''s not our problem''), but will they start splashing the cash a little bit more? Will We Love You continue with his ill-advised sunglass-wearing?

In short, which players do you think will change (however minor the changes) now that we''re in the Premiership, and in what ways will they change?

My guess is that all the lads might go down to Rob Newman''s new suit shop and splash out a little bit. Ryan Jarvis will fork out for an E-reg Peugot 205 (to be taught to drive by David Williams, of course..) and Greeno might buy a new razor, or even some clippers to keep his little beardy thing in shape.

Anything any more ''Big Time'' will soon be stamped out by Worthy, methinks.


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