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Why we shouldn't be holding our breath for midnight Thursday.....

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As I understand it the transfer deadline on Thursday is only for permanent transfers. For clubs outside the premier league, loan signings can still be made right up to the third week in March.

   Therefore logically if we are only looking at loan signings instead of permanent transfers surely it is more likely that this will happen AFTER Thursday as any out of favour premiership players'' last chance of getting a move this season will have been and gone.

  A loan move would then be their only chance of playing any football between then and the end of the season.

 I''m afraid I can see this dragging on and on.

Well I suppose it could be worse-we could be a certain championship club who were recently taken over and promised £12 million to spend in January and have bugger all to show for it with only 3 days to go !

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Lets make it happen before we are in relegation trouble again ..

I think our scouting system overseas (if we have one) is very very poor.

If we don''t bring in more quality up front, yes a goalscorer, we are still doomed ...


Norwich v Charlton 1 - 1

Norwich v Wolves 1 - 1

Norwich v Leicester 0 - 0


Leicester v Palace 1 - 0


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