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The conclusion seems to be...

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Looking at our much reduced squad and GR''s activitites and comments, it seems that he is not  expecting to sign any players on a permanent basis before January 31st, but is striving to bring in some loan players.He has said that transfer prices are "over-heated" at the moment, and that the whole buisness is much easier in the summer. I take this to indicate that unless Karen changes, it seems unlikely that "Tiny" will become a permanent signing this month. The asking price is too high. (I agree with his assessment of the market, and have suggested previously that prices are likely to be higher in January for two reasons, firstly that sellers know that buyers are slightly desperate, and secondly that the sellers may have to replace very quickly in an overheated market.) Clubs who have recently recruited billionaires have been splashing out - QPR for example, but we have no billionaire behind us.If this thesis is correct, then we may expect a few more loan signings. They will tend to be younger players yet to establish themselves in the first teams of their current clubs, or perhaps one or two in the twilight of careers, like Mo?The concern about this is the lack of maturity the young loan players bring, despite their skills, but this may be balanced to some extent by a desire to use the "window" to display what they are capable of. They may not be committed to Norwich, but they are committed to impressing their home manager. What they may not have is the ability to "turn up" when most of the team do not, that is to influence the rest of the team.So if I am right the aim is to keep what transfer money we have until the summer. GR, to judge by his "expulsions" of deadwood, obviously knows the needs. He has said that his aim is to move away from the foot of the table, and he is relying on the lona players to help us do that, and then to consolidate. Those of us hoping for a play off place this season are really living in dreamland.

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