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I have nothing for admiration for Nigel Worthington and think he is one of the most astute managers in the game. I will be quite happy whoever he signs and trust in his judgement totally - However, just for the record here is my contraversial and amateur view:

Stay away from Crouch - he''s a nice guy and was average for us on loan, he is a fringe player at villa and is unproven in the premier league despite numerous chances.

Why has the talk gone quite on Cooper. He is exactly the player we need. Quality, comfortable on the ball, adaptable (can play left or right) and plays football in the Norwich fashion.

Laursen will be a snip at 500k. I''m slighly worried buying anyone with knee trouble - look at Eadie and Abbey, but players can come through them unscathed - look at Van Nistolroy.

With regards to other slots - we need to buy youth and players in their 20''s we have a few 30 somethings in the squad and we should blow our money on one year in the Premiership. If we stay up then we need a base to build on if we go down we will have enough quality (and money because we would have blown it on Teddy and Keowns pension fund) to come back bigger and better.

This spring was one of the best of my life thanks to his and the Teams efforts - but whoever he buys next year will be tough and whilst finishing 4th from bottom will be an even larger acheivement than this years promotion, it certainly won''t be as fun.

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