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Glenn Roeder has put players'' contract talks on hold as he negotiates Norwich City''s path to safety.

Darren Huckerby, Gary Doherty, Dion Dublin and skipper Mark Fotheringham are some of the big-name City players whose deals end this summer.

Huckerby has enjoyed throwing his toys around for a while now and Roeder clearly doesn''t want to entertain him. It''s like this Darren - instead of grateful NCFC being unsure of your services you can now begin to ponder whether they will  require them. Huckerby has enjoyed the role of senior shop steward for a long time now but the new boss isn''t fazed or intimidated by him. Who else heard Roeder bawling at Huckerby to get closer to Boothroyd''s free kick today - he did!  Huckerby has had a poor season - the contract talks on ice should help focus his mind.

Doherty has had a consistent season and despite his limitations has been much better than Shackell. Doc is a good professional and is likely to get on with his job - however - for what we pay him he must realise there are better players available. He is in no position to dig his heels in and needs to fight for his future. His contract talks on ice should help keep him on his toes.

Fotheringham has clearly impressed Roeder - although he, like us, must be wondering where the creativity has gone. Fotheringham is young and likely to be retained. I think he knows this and feels secure enough to wait while at the same time making it difficult for others to whinge, in this respect he is Roeders stalking horse.

Dion? No issues are there? I think Roeder values the big man but is looking for younger players as he seeks to build a team for the future.

Out of favour Ian Murray and goalkeeper Paul Gallacher, currently on loan at Dunfermline, are out of contract next summer, and both are unlikely to play a part in Roeder''s plans.

Murray is obviously on his bike in tandem with Gallagher.

Julien Brellier and Simon Lappin, who appear to be similarly sidelined, have another 18 months left on their contracts and will no doubt be involved in discussions.

Brellier is a dead cert au revoir and Lappin is too lightweight, Roeder will look to move them on - possibly out of the English Leagues.

Striker David Strihavka, who has played just 11 minutes of first team football since Roeder took charge at the end of October, signed a four-year deal when he joined City last summer, effectively tying him to the club until the summer of 2011.

Through an interpreter it''s surely going to be a negotiated cancelled Czech re-presented to a side with a Slavic fan base. I wouldn''t expect Dave to hang around so another velvet revolution on the cards.

Roeder has decisions to make on half a dozen other players - most of who have been unable to hold down a regular first team place.

Brothers Ryan and Rossi Jarvis, Robert Eagle, Bally Smart, Andrew Cave-Brown and Matthew Halliday will all be out of contract in the summer - and Roeder indicated yesterday that some could be on their way out of Carrow Road.

There must be some real doubt beginning to fester around the fields of Colney. Roeder is in charge and the fans and Club come first. I can see three or four of these boys rueing their lack of development.

“All the time I am learning about the players and I will have the final say whether they are going to be offered a new contract or not,” he said. “Some will, for sure, and there will be a few that won''t. But at every football club that is the revolving door of football.”

All in all Roeder''s actions are saying to me ''it is about the Club and not the players'' and it is about time that particular Costa Del Carra sea change came in because anyone who plays for NCFC should be grateful to play for a great Club and not feel the Club owes them something for being here.

Well done Glenn, I see you as a man for the long term development of my Club and regard you and NCFC as the ideal match (provided the Board properly back you). I like the way you stand up to people like Karen Brady and refuse to bow to their whims.

Just one thing Glenn: put the whistle back on please, we don''t seem to win with you in a tracksuit and I like managers to look the part - call me old fashioned.

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