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FAO Web team: "Non matching quote blocks in post"

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For some reason, whenever I try to quote someone else''s post (as opposed to just replying), I get a message saying "Non matching quote blocks in post". I''m running Firefox v2.0.0.11 on Mac OS X, for your information. Any idea what might be causing this problem? For example, I tried to post the following response to a post in another thread (see below), and got the error message (I have replaced the HTML square brackets with normal brackets, to get it to go through). When I deleted the original post by the other user, it went through fine...

(quote user="Infamy, Infamy")Surely Jimmy Smith has

been playing to Glenn Roeders'' intructions, which is why he keeps him

in the team and wants him to stay with us.It seems obvious to me

that Glenn only wants to commit one player to an orthodox wide role, be

it Hucks on the left or Croft on the right, at any one time. Only if we

are chasing a goal late on will we throw caution to the wind with two

wingers. Therefore Smith will naturally play narrower on the right if

Hucks starts, while Pattison does the same on the left if Croft gets

the nod.Jimmy Smith has done OK, and would always be another option in the middle if injuries and suspensions pile up.
(/quote)How much will he be earning, though, and would those wages be better spent on strengthening other areas of the team?I

agree with you about him playing to Roeder''s instructions, though, but

I think particularly for home games we''d be better off with two

wingers. Certainly Otsemobor''s attacking nature can be used more

efficiently if he has a proper partner on the right, rather than

effectively playing as a wing-back and having to do the work of two

people when the opposition is playing 4-4-2. I just can''t see the

benefits of playing with a lopsided formation.

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I''ve had this problem before and it seems to occur when the person you''re quoting has a "special character" in their name - my issue was trying to quote someone with an exclamation mark at the end of their user ID.  By deleting the exclamation mark from the text, I could quote.  Try quoting the chap above after taking the comma out of his name?

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It''s to do with certain puncuation characters in the user="person''s nickname" bit of the QUOTE block - either remove the problem punctuation mark, or the entire user="person''s nickname" bit. We''ve tried getting this fixed in the past, but it couldn''t be done.

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