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Woe Pincer! I agree with Foxy.There are a lot of supporters who have, over the last months been a little worried about Worthy''s tactic etc. but generally a straw poll I think would reveal that in the main we are behind the manager.
As far as I''m concerned he has always had a big question mark over tactics (especially away from home) but his handling of the board has been superb.
I have always worried about the boards lack of positive mental attitude. I really think that at last this board has ''come of age''. No doubt helped by Worthy''s professional attitude.
I heard Roger Munby in the Gunn Club last week and his quotes were tremendous. Irrespective of whether his aims turn into reality, the message was one of a positive nature and trying their best to get Huckers on board and the great appreciation of our wonderfall support, home and away.
Why oh why Doomcaster takes most of the media quotes is a complete mystery. All we ask is that the board are on the same wave length as the supporters and that they really are trying their best.
As far as the land purchase is concerned,this is yet another example of the board coming into the 21st century and holding out for the best value for this little fortune they are sitting on. Ignore the misleading headlines in the Pink ''un. Dare I say we are, at last, becoming no easy pushover for the big boys from the south.
Bury St Edmunds is only 40 miles south of the great City but is on the A14 corridor with a thriving positive business attitude and. mentally, a million miles away from geographically isolated Norwich and this is how the media views it.
Well done the board for dragging City into the big time!!
Keep it low!!

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Re Mike Walkers 2nd term: Oh, that he had been given as long as ''Worthless'', in his second term, for I recall that in the last 3 home games of Walkers short 2nd term, City scord 11 goals, and then the board replaces him with ''The Dream Team?'', had he been given as many chances as NW has, then I''m sure we would have been back in the Premiership by now. Mike Walker was a giant at Carrow Rd, Nigel''s a drawf in comparison, and has achieved absolutly nothing yet.

MW was used as pawn to get rid of THAT chairmain, a carrot for the fans if you like, and when this was accomplished, he was kicked out, and you know it, and Yes Pincer, I''d have him back tomorrow!.

Oh, by the way, a 2-1 defeat, is still a defeat. regardless of how MANY you concede.

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