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Flick Fleck

Around the World with Yellow & Green

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I''ve been on this board now for a couple of months, enjoying the only message board on the web that keeps holding my interest. And I''ve spent far too much time going through the threads and posts when I should be doing something far more constructive instead (like fulfilling my Job Description).

And I''ve been keen to see posters from around the world - Peru, Oz, Yankee - because I am out here in Tanzania, feeling a million miles away from the Victory Parade, ASDA, Half Time Beers and all the other things that strike a twinge of nostalgia for our Fine City and team.

And I''m sure the other Exiles feel the same too - just look at poor old Yankee, who got himself all wound up and forgot what Norfolk is all about...

So it got me thinking: am I the only poster in Africa? What other International Exiles are out there? And where are they?

In a week when we are counting ourselves to see how many of us are actually coming on this board, it would be nice to know how many countries we represent too.

Over to you, guys...

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Good idea - I can use our search engine to find out which countries are represented on PinkUn.com. I''ll get back to you...

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During the month of May, PinkUn.com was visited from the following countries:

United Kingdom 84.66 (% of Page Impressions)
United States 3.39
Unknown 2.1
Australia 1.56
Germany 1.16
Netherlands 0.7
Canada 0.64
France 0.61
Norway 0.6
New Zealand 0.47
Sweden 0.45
Ireland 0.35
Hong Kong 0.32
Denmark 0.29
Spain 0.28
Europe (Unknown Country) 0.21
Singapore 0.17
Thailand 0.13
China 0.11
South Africa 0.11
South Korea 0.11
Belgium 0.09
United Arab Emirates 0.09
Finland 0.08
Gibraltar 0.08
Italy 0.08
Japan 0.08
Malaysia 0.08
Poland 0.07
Jamaica 0.06
Portugal 0.06
Saudi Arabia 0.06
Chile 0.05
Cyprus 0.05
Philippines 0.05
Antigua And Barbuda 0.04
Argentina 0.04
Switzerland 0.04
Bermuda 0.03
Bulgaria 0.03
Bahamas 0.02
Bahrain 0.02
Greece 0.02
Indonesia 0.02
Kenya 0.02
Luxembourg 0.02
Taiwan 0.02
Tanzania 0.02
Algeria 0.01
Barbados 0.01
Bolivia 0.01
Brazil 0.01
Cayman Islands 0.01
Croatia 0.01
Dominican Republic 0.01
Egypt 0.01
Hungary 0.01
Iceland 0.01
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 0.01
Malta 0.01
Mexico 0.01
Oman 0.01
Qatar 0.01
Romania 0.01
Russian Federation 0.01
Tunisia 0.01
Vietnam 0.01

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...I too have enjoyed all the posts since I came to this board in Feb. Im a Norfolk boy(or should I say man) born in Norwich but havnt lived there since 1983. My dad watched Norwich way back hes 70 now still lives in Norwich. I have been working in Bermuda and now live in Canada but always followed Norwich from afar.How I envied you people living locally this season what a ride that was,loved seeing the pics of everyone outside city hall for the celebrations.

Looking forward to watching city on Fox next season here in Canada.

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For all you 99.81% of PinkUn Posters who don''t come from Africa. spare a thought for the rest of us out here in the largest continent in the world, with the most countries, and the fewest computers, and a massive sense of being truly exiled from our Fine City and Team.

I suddenly feel all lonely :-(

keep it low...

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flick fleck,As like you I too have spent nearly every night looking at this message board.I too am a old norwich boy,who now lives in sydney for the last 7 years.I Will be back in Norwich in september,has anybody got a spare ticket it''s a bit early but you cannot blame me for trying.

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