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missing in action?

calm down

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right, people are worried about the current situation...and we all have our theories as to why this issue on taylor etc has arisen.personally i just think its birmingham trying to jack the price up on a player they know other teams will like.im not saying doncaster isn''t a problem but for once i think he is being clever (along with the rest of the board) by not bowing down to what could be outrageous demands.its my belief that they trust roeder to pull a rabbit out of a hat and use his contacts or scouting or whatever to sign another player, i think its worth waiting to see who gets bought/sold in january before we start slating the club/eachother and begin protesting...roeder is an intelligent bloke, he found taylor,camara, evans and pattison very quickly and easily, so surely when people cite a lack of ambition in the club you are tarnishing roeder''s good name. TAYLOR IS A FANTASTIC PLAYER...but how do you know we cant do better? thats what ambition is, going for what we thought wasn''t possible. who would of thought we would get huckerby? then suddenly doncaster gives the money over...taylor was a plausible and wable fell publicised player who was availor transfer, all we have done is raise his profile and help to fill brum''s pockets.keep behind the players, and roeder and see what happens in january yes?he can suprise...he already has, yes he has gotten good players in but he has raised the spirit...and i think we got promoted with not the best team....but a team with great spirit.so keep roaing.keep smiling and stop crying over tiny...

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