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great i dont get to do this often as we dont get many games live over here but i thought we showed a lot more spirit than in a long time, if not much idea at times any way....

marshall      7  although not sure about his calling at times as couple of cockups and goal, but looked solid

semmy       6  steady game but lacked a little quality in final third,great goal saving interception should have got him a 7 really

mo             6  first look at him and i like it he is not flashy and goes about his job efficiently,not sure about his part in goal though?

doc            8  great commitment and positioning set goal up

shack         5  poor positioning and always second to ball, drags players out to cover him

matty          7  first look at him....love his comitment just need end product to make him a fans hero

smith           5  was he there?

rusty            7  solid should have scored but looks good with fozzy

foz               8 mom     great running and leadership,when the goal went in he lifted a notch and inspired teamates

beef             5   poor service, looked good when given the ball in right areas

shed7          5                    same as beef

a quick word on hucks ,looked a different player comming on when a bit of pace gone out the game, might be a tactic we see more of but he really looked good

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