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Player Ratings

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hi mate listened to it on the radio and these are my ratings:

marshall - 8, saved a penalty and then even better to save the rebound

otsemobor - 6, gave the pen away, a bit harsh but needs to be more careful next time

taylor 8 - outstanding work at the back and scored as well great loanee

shackell 7 - a staedy performance and was commanding for the first time in a while

camara 6 - again staedy if unspectacular

chadwick - 5 probably our worst player didn''t hear his name mentioned much and was subsequnelty subbed

russell - 6 tireless work again from darel

fotheringham 5/6 - lacked his quality from saturday and not at his best

pattison 7 - another assist a very good signing

cureton 4 - **** poor only one shot in the match,, subbed

dublin 8 - again comes up with the goods two goals and a real precense up front


hux - 7 changed the game in our favour at 1-1, quality

croft 6 - good work again from lee and not really enough time to impress

evans 6 not enough time to asses but tried an ordacious shot from the half way line!!

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I dont think the coaches got back much before 4am so maybe the fans who went are having a lie in or they''ve gone to work!

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Marshall 6, Otsemobor 6, Taylor 7, Shackell 8, Camara 5, Chadwick 6 (Huckerby 51, 6), Russell 7, Fotheringham 6, Pattison 6 (Croft 71, 6), Dublin 7, Cureton 5 (Evans 65, 6).


Marshall 7
Otsemobor 7
Taylor 8
Shackell 8
Camara 6
Chadwick 6
Russell 7
Fotheringham 6
Pattison 6
Cureton 6
Dublin 7

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Me (halfway line-ish):

Marshall 7, would be 9 based on penalty save but was at fault for their goal.

Otsemobor 6, Taylor 8, Shackell 8, Camara 5,

Chadwick 7 (Huckerby 51, 7, nice to see him not sulking when playing wide right), Russell 6, Fotheringham 7, Pattison 7 (Croft 71, 7),

Dublin 7, would be 8 but booking was v. silly.  Cureton 4.5  (Evans 65, 6, looked good in air and has pace).

Got back 12.30 ish.  the trains were ruddy cancelled.

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Me (somewhere near &rew forom the looks of things)

Marshall 7 - At fault for the goal, but did make up for it with pen save. I''m still not 100% sure about this guy, but definitely benefitting from more solid defence in front of him

Otsemobor 7 - More conscious of defensive duties, but got forward when needed, and his block tackle looked fimr but fair when they got thier penalty

Camara 6 - Solid enough but looked tired as game progressed unsurprisingly.

Taylor 9 (MOM) We have to keep this guy: like having Malkay back - a threat in their box and in command in ours

Shackell 8 Very solid and no doubt benefitting from Taylor being alongside him 

Chadwick 6 - Fairly quiet but fair enough: think he hurt his arm before being replaced.

Russell 8 (first half) 6 (second half) - tired visibly but when on song he and Fozzy realy looked a good pair

Fotheringham - see Russell. Good delivery from corners though.

Pattison (still makes me think of Harry Enfield sketches I''m afraid!!) 6 - Solid first half - very tired in second.

Cureton  6 - Give it away/offside a bit too much.  Could easily have scored in second half (chipped over keeper and bar) and we were lucky it didn''t prove a costly miss (was 1-1 and we were under cosh a bit at the time)

Dublin 7 (overall) 10 (finishing ability) - battled away without winning much in the air, but cool head when opportunities arose and second goal strike was pure pure class. Can he manage 3 games in a week or another 3 more in next 10 days though?

Hucks 7 - super sub role against a tiring and pressing side could really suit him - especially once he gets on lefthand side. St Dion uip a treat and could have done so on 2 or 3 other ocasions in last 10 mins as we broke out.

Evans - Too  little time to tell but made a few nicwe looking channel runs although never really received ball much or had much in the way of posession/opportunities to do too much

Croft - Too little time but you know what to expect - head down and run!

Overall 8/9 - Excellent first 30 mins, let them back in, were under cosh as we tired in first period of second half but slightly against the run of play goal from Taylor then meant we were in control and always looked likely to score a third - although the ref did his best to redress the balance with a shocking penalty decision

So so so much better than the away day dross of the season to date - looking forward to Stoke but don''t really expect too much as I haven''t see us win there for 26 years!! (Ross Jack FA Cup 3rd Round 1-0)

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Evans not much in it really, looked the part and was more careful about the back line and offsides than Cureton but by this time we were under some pressure anyway. If anything felt he was a bit off the pace but great to see him on pitch all the same. 9/10 for Roeder for his substitutes which were absolutely right and the most positive thing a manager has done with subs for maybe 6 years (people will recall Worthy''s negative replacements). With full 30 minutes left all 3 were on - Croft who gave bit of pace on right (more than Chadwick did) and Huckerby who changed the whole dynamics of the park. Credit Roeder for this because when they came on, the message was clear "We intend to win this one" and it must have lifted the expectation of the team. Anyway here''s my other thoughts:

Marshall - 8 - mainly for atoning with the penalty and double save for their deflected goal. To me he seems in the tradition of Norwich goalkeepers - I like him and if we stay up he will go on to be something special

Otsemober - 7 - workmanlike and got forward with pace

Taylor - 8 - my joint MOTM - very reliable and Malky-like goal again

Shackell - 8 joint MOTM - hardly put a foot wrong all night and good leadership

Camara - 5.5 - looked shaky to me, unconvinced. But one fantastic goal saving header near the end when he just headed before Blackpool striker did

Fozzy - 6 - bit of it really. Hounded a lot by Blackpool midfield

Russell - 6.5 - worked hard, hustled but created little

Pattison - 6.5 - showed some touches, loads of energy, could be a future star, faded a little then subbed

Chadwick - 6 seemed less composed on ball than usual

Cureton - 6 - ran like hell but caught offside and not served well by midfield

Dublin - 7 - great 2 goals - did not win many balls though so few knock ons

Croft - 7 - loads of energy, not too much n way of end product

Huckerby - 7 - over-elaborated at times, should have been more selfish at others, what can you say, its why we want to watch him and he altered the mood

Evans - 6 - too soon to say what he will be like, looked as if he had nice touch

Team - 7 - a creditable performance - the win really meant something but a decent Blackpool side too who hit bar and post and any other day could easily have taken points - too good to go down but then on this performance so are City




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Just want to point out- that was our second game in four days, and fozzy has only played that in 3 months, Camara and Pattison slightly more, and Huckerby has been on a three game ban.

They were obviouly tired- play like that + a goood few days rest and stoke are doomed

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Thanks guys! I knew you''d all be knackered after the journey, so I was expecting a bit much - it''s just so good to hear some positive news, I couldn''t wait!

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