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Team for Blackpool

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well might as well start this one up

Marshall, Otsemobor, Taylor, Shckell, Camara, Chadwick, Russell, Fotheringham, Pattison, Huckerby,Cureton

The formation would be something like this


RB            CB            CB            LB

         CM            CM            CM

RW                  ST                  LW

russell, fozzy and pattison as the three in the middle and chadwick and huckerby supporting on the wings with cureton down the middle

if pattison and fozzy can pass the ball as well as people say then there is no need for the long ball

Subs: Arnold, Doherty, Croft, Evans, Brown

Others: Murray, Lappin, Smith, Brellier, Strihavka, Martin, Spillane, Jarvis - (All of these are not good enough to play)

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Otsemobor   Taylor   Shackell   Camara

Chadwick   Russell   Fozzie   Pattison

         Cureton   Dublin(if fit)

Subs: Arnold, Doherty, Croft, Brown, Evans

If Dublin is not fit then Evans to start with Hucks on the bench

2 v 1 to City with Fozzie and Cureton scoring

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[quote user="McCanary"]It`s got to be the same 11 on the pitch with Huckerby on the bench.[/quote]

I agree "McCanary", dont change a winning team..................


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