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whos fault is it

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whos fault is it that we are in this mess,plain and simple its everyone at NCFC, except roederits the players faults as they clearly have several times not been bothered to play to there abilities as shown at other clubsits grants fault for demoralising the players due to his outbursts against the playersits not roeders fault as he has inherited a pile of crapits the scouts fault for not doing there research properly and finding the bargains that are out there that are better then the rubbish we gotand above all its the boards fault due to
  • not investing in the team at the appropriate time
  • restricting transfer activity
  • selling decent players and restricting the managers to buy crap due to lack of financial backing
  • shelling money into off field activities instead of on field investment
  • sticking with worthy when it was clear he had gone past his use
  • hiring grant when there were better managers available
  • sticking with grant for to long
  • increasing the clubs debt by loans for non essential stuff like roads and hotels and office refurbishment
  • and above all not advertising the club to gain investment
why i dont think its roeders faault well look at waht hes got to work with, no money, no decent players, and lack of truth to him, i dont believe one bit that we have the money there for him to use, he has been decieved by the people that have said he has money, if this is the case why havent we done better in the market, i dont believe the rubbish about loans not going out cos they like the comfort,rowan vineryan shawcrossIshmael Miller Mathew Mills Danny Mills Paul Dickov

plus many moreevery club except norwich seem to be able to get loan signings and answers are needed as to y.

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