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NORWICH CITY FOOTBALL CLUB is inviting sealed bids to purchase a majority shareholding in the club.Bids

must be received no later than midnight, 14 December, 2007. Thereafter,

the bids will be considered and the winner revealed on 21 December,

2007.All wishing to submit an offer are asked to consider that

the bid should include goodwill offers for Delia Smith’s catering

business. Due consideration should be made to the fact that many club

supporters feel that the Club stadium, at Carrow Road, Norwich,

Norfolk, has become little more than a venue for food restaurants. The

name attached to the business will be a matter of discussion between Ms

Smith and her representatives and the winning bidder.The Club

has excellent training and academy facilities at Colney, a short

distance outside of the city, but within a short distance of Norfolk

and Norwich University Hospital and the BUPA hospital, a convenience of

untold advantage, given the susceptibility of the squad to training

ground injuries.The Club has just employed Glenn Roeder as the

manager. The winning bidder will be obliged to honour the contract of

employment of Mr Roeder, or pay the agreed compensation package for his

release. It should be borne in mind, however, that Mr Roeder’s salary

is offset by the squad members’ salaries, with most of them receiving

negotiated salaries dependent upon league status. Some squad members

will be receiving packages commensurate with players that once played

in the Premier League. The majority, however, are relatively unknown in

the domestic game, thus their salaries will be easily manageable.There

is a dedicated support base, created by the geographical location of

the Club, Regular attendances of more than 24,000 at home games is

easily achievable because there is nowhere else for the football

supporter to go. Apart, that is, from Ipswich, and local rivalry would

prevent that possibility at any cost.It is to be borne in mind

that the support base can be easily exploited. Suitable Chief Executive

and Public Relations employees are already in situ, so will be able to

transition any deal easily. Those already employed are also well versed

in propagating stories selling the present Board of Directors loyalties

and generosity to the support base with many thousands actually

believing everything that they are told.Obviously, the winning

bidder must make promises to invest in the Club in order to buy

suitable players to, not only avoid the very real threat of relegation

to the third tier of the domestic game, but promotion to the Premier

League. It will be down to the winner to either honour those promises,

or make noises about ambition with prudence, and keep the present

spokespeople to continue to mislead the majority of supporters.There

is a present lack of any Director with actual football knowledge. This

matter can be addressed by the winning bidder if desired. Present

Directors consist of the incumbent Chief Executive, Neil Doncaster. His

football background stems from his ambition to serve at a high level at

the Football Association headquarters, and feels the best way to

attract attention to himself is to avoid any emotional involvement with

the team’s performances, and to earn plaudits for creating the best run

commercial enterprise in East Anglia, and in the top ten of the

national league of businesses. Other Directors are successful in their own

businesses outside of football, extremely so in the case of Mr and Mrs

Turner. There is no doubt that the Directors are supporters, although

it remains a matter of disquieting proportions to the loyal supporters

that the majority do not insist that a Director of Football is not

appointed to ensure the footballing success of the Club, and not just

the peripheral interests and the administrative accolades.In

conclusion, bidders are asked to consider that NORWICH CITY FOOTBALL

CLUB is successful in all but football. The supporters hope that this

will change when a new majority shareholder puts football as the main

priority once again.

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