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Norwich City Supporters Trust

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It seemed to go unnoticed on the "solutions" thread..! I guess actually putting £10 in to buying the club for the fans isn''t as dramatic as saying you will put £1,000 in.

From the site:


Chairman come and go, Managers come and go, Players come and go but through the good times and bad, the fans are there for life. The Trust and it''s growing shareholding will ensure that future fans will have a stake in Norwich City Football Club and a democratic say in it''s future.


The Trust is run by the “Board” which is elected annually from members by members.

It meets monthly and organises a variety of fund-raising events including a number linked to Club events such as the Open-Day and the Royal Norfolk Show, however the main source of income is that raised through membership fees.

After paying essential running costs all the remaining money raised goes to buying shares in Norwich City FC. Board members are not paid and running costs are helped by commercial goodwill.

Norwich City Supporters Trust has over 550 members and currently purchases around £5000 worth of shares per year.


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