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DumbleDelia is Magic

Binners lose another defender- To Burnley!

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If the scum''s defencive problems weren''t bad enough, John McGreal has just signed a 3 year deal with Burnley! Wow, says a lot for Ipswich doesn''t it when one of their first choice defenders leaves to go to high flying Burnley!! They''ve already lost out on signing Matt Elliott and with players such as Wright and Bent leaving things aint looking to pretty. Never mind- They''ve always got Santos, Diallo and de Vos! Watch out League Championship coca-cola division one league thingy, Ipswich are back!!

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Can''t say I''m keeping pace with the Championship coca-cola division one league thingy (thank god we escaped in time) anymore - but thanks for the update. Poor old Joe, looks like another season when that magic figure of 100 is unlikely to be mentioned (remember 100 points ands 100 goals) but this time likely to occur - goals against column.

Anyway, you didn''t mention that wonderful Mr Wilnis, whats the latest on him?

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the 100 goals/points thing - wasn''t that burley? anyway

100 goals against

100 fans turning up to watch a game

they might just achieve that

portman road packed out for elton john!!! i know someone who went, must have been good to see the place full again

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Yes it was Burley - but its an Ipswich thing.

Just remembered though - Joe did make 100 last year.

100 excuses - although I wasn''t counting - at a rate of at least 2 excuses per match then seasons total would be 100. As we all know, Joe gives you at least 2 good ''uns each match. Often, considerably more when he''s on top form.

Anymore 100''s anyone?

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100 reasons not to be an ipswich fan? i haven''t got time to do 100, so i will do the first 50, hope to see someone else help me up to 100!!!! DD, yankee, susie b? First Wiz Anyone?

they play in blue and white
they are *****
ipswich has no decent pubs near the ground
they are a town, and not a city!!
they play in a low division
they can only remember what happened in 1978, not december last year
their players are really ugly
their chairman isn''t funny, just tragic
they have a carthorse on their badge
they bought santos

they haven''t got any decent songs
they seem to like orange away kits
they sold andy marshall (though it was good while it lasted)
some of their fans weren''t very nice to me at school!
some of their fans aren''t very nice to me now
their pitch is always better than ours
they get more penalty decsions than us
alan brazil
terry butcher
they tried to get ian crook and failed!!!!

they won''t be playing man u next season
or arsenal
or chelsea
but they will be playing wolves
and rotherham
busted not the darkness
elton john (must have had to pay a huge tax bill again)
when i lived in suffolk people thought i should support them!!!!
sheepshanks at the helm

joe royle
they need a decent manager
they need a decent defence
they will sell all their best players (yes, they do have some)
they will never, ever be better than norwich
however hard they try
it will be a long time before they are good again
they don''t have a message board as good as the pink un!!!
they have no hope
therefore only tears at bedtime

look at the goals conceded column
then how many goals they scored in key matches
they lost twice last year to the pride of anglia
they don''t have malky mckay
or leon mckenzie
or darren huckerby!
their paper forgot to report on the derby match!
no broadband in ipswich
they are called the tractor boys
Five Live thinks they are good!

but really, i quite like them :-)

they are not very good

and that says it all

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Well done gazza! That''s 50 without even breaking into a sweat!

Here''s ten more just to get you nearer the 100 mark:

Their mascot is even dafter than ours.
My neighbour is a sad, deluded Binner.
They don''t sing, and can''t sing even when a few try to.
Their parade wasn''t as good or as big as ours.
They only went up via the play-offs not as Champions.
The comments on TWTD sometimes beggar belief.
Their car park has been used for dubious practices.
They seem to eat a healthy diet of very sour grapes.
Beorge Gurley (need I say more?)
They sold Gaardsoe ''for footballing reasons''. Ha! Ha!

Who''s next to add to gazza''s list?

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my mother supports them
my dad supports the mighty yellas
he gave me extra pocket money
she didn''t
over eager stewards
over eager police
rubbish beer
and pies
i hate the taste of sheephumper''s mayo and i have banned it from every kitchen i have worked in
least delia is famous for cooking
not making marie rose sauce
alan green thinks the sun shines out of their bum
i lived in ipswich and hated every minute
they smell
rubbish reasons i know but you don''t need a reason to hate them we just do
hate them hate them hate them hate them
oh and forgot they banned me when i was 9 years old for singing and dancing when we scored against them in that hospital cup thingy i was in their end, god it stinks up there and they all wear burberry hats more than the rest of the country

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Said with real feeling d-block barclayboy! Good on yer!

Just thought of another reason...my uni friend, who is a Binner, couldn''t make his bed or boil an egg when I first met him and I had to show him how to do both things so that he could survive, so, for lack of animal husbandry skills you''ve just got to loathe them a little bit more!

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