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And the Share offer is for???

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It was recently reported on the NCFC website that the money raised from shares was to go towards finacing transfer fees etc.

Then the Pink ''Un reported that over £300,000 had been raised.

According to TeamTalk (who are usually right) Man City are to sell Hucks for £500,000 to promotion chasing rivals Wigan.

So for the sake of a £200,000 shortfall in transfer fees, which if the club stated they were buying Hucks, I''m certain would arrive in terms of shares & then possibly £10,000 a week wages we are to lose one of the players who has not just helped the team individually but also improved the players around him.

So we are left with Iwan leading the line after Saturday.

I''m sorry but thinks just stinks of a lack of ambition & desire.

To all those posters who go on about if you only earned £1 a year but want a £500,000 house take the risk but you''ll end up homeless etc. etc. look at the title of this post!

The way it is going if we don''t get promoted soon the club will continue to make losses which will eventually shut us down or we do a scum & shaft the local businesses.

Despite following from afar I''m still a season ticket holder (3) & attend virtually every home game (excluding midweek) & although that has no baring on my entitlement to an opinion it does show I''m a loyal supporter & not a Davey.

Come on City sort this out otherwise next season it''ll be bye bye McVeigh, Green & Drury & hello to the likes of Swindon Town or Peterborough.

As for the financial mismanagement of turning a small profit to a big loss regardless of ITV Digital the club should hold its head in shame regardless of the excuses.

The is absolutely frustrating & disheartening & absolutely makes my blood boil.


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Totally agree..

Just watch Wigan go now and prepare for the scummers to hammer us on sunday week and for them to rub salt in the wounds when they are playing Man Utd next season and we are playing Crewe..

Starting to get very very frustrated with this board that we have at the club-as are many others..

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Not as simple as that.

Who funds the shortfall between what Huckerby will get and what he is getting at Man City ?

How on earth you can disregard the loss of the ITV digital money when it exactly matches the loss is unbelievable.

Budgets were set with with income in mind so it is hardly unlikely that a loss would be made given that almost all outgoings are fixed so are unable to be cut.

Yes we will be able to keep our better players but not if we pursue the illogical call from yourself and a few other luddites who would sell the house and put the proceeds on a horse race.

The annual losses will dimish as the outgoings level off to meet the what is coming in.

As to your request for City to sort this out has it occured to you that this is what they are currently doing ?

The transfer window opens in January. Wait and see and give them a bit more credit.

One furthernote of caution - assume we proceed with this scorched earth policy just keep your fingers crossed that we don''t get any injuries between now and May because the pot will be empty.

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Correct me if I am wrong but didnt all Nationwide Teams lose out when sky digital collapsed, dont we have consistantly one of the top six crowds in the division every week and arnt teams financially worse of than us still adding to their squads, Its all wearing a bit thin now all this we cant afford anybody, and wont the debts become even worse when players leave next season and our average gate goes down sorry to use the same old saying but got to speculate ( a little bit 1 million maybe we are not asking 10 million) to accumulate.

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From reading your posts it appears that your opinion is always correct & anyone who wavers from the party line is insulted & of course wrong.

If only I knew what a luddite was I may well be offended.

However from a Financial point of view I''m afraid your comment is somewhat wide of the mark as only £2.5 million (of a £4.6 million loss) was down to ITV Digital.

That would explain the reduction in turnover from £15.4 million to £13 million except that the non playing areas actually increased their turnover by £1.1 million.

So lets recap.

Last season turnover of £15.4 million & a small profit so say expenditure of £15 million.

Reduction from ITV Digital of £2.5 million & playoff Income of £1.5 million but off the field increase of £1.1 million so you''d expect turnover to be in the region of £12.5 million so were not far off.

Now here comes the science (I may be a luddite & vacuous (my words on vacuous) but I can rememember L''Oreal advertising which is good as I have little hair).

If the budgeted spend was based on the Income & what was known we''d expect to see (Say £15 million less the playoff Income of £1.5 million as we wouldn''t bank on that again) we''d be looking at costs in the region of £13.5 - £14 million & not the £17.6 million actually spent (£13 million Income + £4.6 million loss).

However we did have a cash surplus made up of a significant amount of share capital which obviously isn''t a profit & loss issue but an interesting aside none-the-less in terms of how that cash was spent.

The simple fact is that to fund the £200K for Hucks could we not take a slight risk that come the annoucement we have bought Hucks then a few people may well delve into their Christmas stocking & offer the canaries some cash for shares.

Does the share offer close before the transfer window opens? It makes an interesting point that us happy punters plough some cash into the club only to find Hucks is unavailable but Akinbiyi fancies a return. After all is doing it on the cheep (parden the pun) is the idea then why not him or some equally poor replacement.

Sorry but the 3 fantastic loan signings are a 1 trick pony & there''s no way Worthy will be able to get the same sort of group that gel so well. After all if we can''t afford £200K now how will will afford the £400K wages it would cost to bring in 3 more players of the calibre we''ve had.

We missed out on Windass (thank God) but missing out on Hucks or Crouch is a big blow for the club.

The annual losses will only diminish if we offload players because as they are on set contracts between 1 & 5 years there costs are set for that time. Are you suggesting when their contracts are up we offer them less. In the case of McVeigh, Green & Drury (arguably 3 or our best) they will be off make no bones about it.

Leaving it till the last minute is not a reason to give them credit. What if we decide we''ll have Hucks in 2 weeks time but Man City have loaned him out for another 3 months to Wigan.

As for selling the house that may be all we have left if all our horses have been put out to pasture instead of being allowed to race (Did you see what I did there. Clever Eh?).

I am deeply concerned about the state of our club & am a realistic type of guy (not a glass half full/empty type as sometimes half a glass is good enough) but it appears (appears is not a statement of fact just in case) that the club are going to lose Hucks or Crouch or both & that has a knock on effect on the rest of the players as they are playing better as they have better players to play with. Easy.

It seems that your basis for argument is based on the old US Nuclear warning of if a Nuke goes off then sit under the table & cover your head & you''ll be just fine.

So it could be that we buy Hucks, he gets injured, we don''t go up & hav

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The original question this thread is .. what is the share offer for..

I feel it is simply for those on the board already holding shares to be able to obtain more, to futher strength and cement their own positions of power. In reality many ordinary fans couldn''t afford to buy in the last share, and with this being released on top of christmas, means again many can''t.

But in the planning of this, the powers to be cannot tell the masses the real reason behind the issue...but lets say all the money is going to buy players....It is the way government work dress something up in palitable dress and you can get away with anything behind it...

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Sorry swindon but your argument is flawed ona number of levels. I''ll leave aside the ITV digital figures for the moment as I''m working from memory on those.

The nuclear weapon simile is rather silly at it is you and others who wish to put the club in the position of administration but happily reply with such quaint phrases as " we''ll rebuilt", " we don''t go up & have no money".

Your first premise that Wigan are signing Huckerby for £0.5m is not proven. If it is the case then given his current wages the best that amount would be achieving would be to pay off the difference between the two contracts.

For us to take on the contracts of all 3 players, assuming they each had 18 months left with their club would be around £4m.

That would only take us up to the end of 2004/5. Taking your scenario that we don''t get promoted please could you explain where would the funding come from to meet these bills ?

Andthe subsequent years afterwards.

Assuming an extra 5000 season ticket sales based on Huckeby joining us itwould still leave a shortfall of around £2m. Given the way tickets sales have been a Carrow Rd I don''t see there being that amount of slack to allow an extra 5000 seats unbudgetted for.

You further post -
"After all if we can''t afford £200K now how will will afford the £400K wages it would cost to bring in 3 more players of the calibre we''ve had."

How do you work that out ? I think you''ll find that we stil have to pay Huckerby wages even if we sign him.

As to retaining players they will mostly leave if they are offered higher wages elsewhere and either City agree they can go or there is a clause in their contract that says they can go. Merely wishing they would like to go means nothing or Huckerby and Crouch would be here - assuming they meant everything they said !

As to lowering the wage bill it will be inevitable that it will drop. Not by reducing the wages of contractual staff but by offering lower wages to incoming players. It is happening in almost every club outside of the Premiership. Inevitably players such as Mackay, Fleming, Crichton, Holt will come to the end of their contract and replacements won''t be on what they were on.

As to the claim of doing it on the ''cheep'' I would hardly call half a million on wages for 3 players cheap.

It is simply about what we have. No more no less.

It is easy to claim the moral high ground by claiming that the club isn''t matching the fans ambitions - not so easy to take on the responsibility that goes with that stance ie explaining how it is going to happen (excluding one notable exeption)

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Will be happy to discuss economics & finance with you again though Master Green. I will prepare a paper & post it to you. Thank you for your points & a more informative than insulting discussion. Bravo.

Apologies but off the thread a bit.

Hi Swindon Canary.

I have seen a few of us in the local area but yours is the first posting I''ve seen.

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Totally agree, will the club not be in a bigger debt when we are only getting crowds of 16000 as pre Cardiff in our 24000 seater ground. As for the fans who have said i am not a true fan because i wont renew my season tickets (home and Away) next year, Why shoud i the board are turning us into a feeder club. Ipswich are showing ambition, and will get the rewards.

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