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Turn the lights off......and hope it all goes away

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Time for hibernation....and wake up at the end of January and hope we are within 3 points of 4th bottom. Go shopping more often on Saturdays with the missus and try not to look at the EDP in the paper shops. Don''t listen to the radio for the speculation on new players because they won''t be coming here and you''ll only get your hopes up. Put in a few extra hours at work. Learn a language on Saturday afternoons. Spend those lost hours watching teletext with the kids or with your family instead.

One team is in our position every year and it happens this time to be us. In short.....Don''t spend your time blaming and fretting, do something more useful and healthy. Its a fine 50 year plus history in the top divisions coming to an end. An era is passing before our eyes.

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