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Can someone help me answer a question? When Norwich were promoted to the Premiership, the club stated that we had a £14m debt. The ticket to Premiership football is supposed to be worth about £25m to a club. Since then, we have sold...Robert Green - 1.5MDean Ashton - £7MLeon McKenzie - £1MYousef Safri - £0.5M? (undisclosed)Robert Earnshaw - £3.5MDickson Etuhu - £1.5MMattius Jonson - £1MThomas Helveg - £0.25MSimon Charlton - £?Craig Fleming - £?Damien Francis - £1.5MMarc Edworthy - £?Phil Mulryne - £250,000Jim Brennan - £?and (WLY) Paul McVeigh - £?Some of these players we got very little for but bear in mind savings in wages.Does anyone want to have a stab at guessing the amount of money we have accrued over the last 2 seasons INCLUDING £25M Premiership money?The players we have bought have been of very little value apart from Marshall (£1M?)Now we are 19M in Debt with no team of any value...I''m sorry, but the board must be pulling the wool over our eyes!!!

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