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Robert N. LiM

Roeder's pre-season

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Anyone else surprised by the team selected for yesterday''s fiasco?

I was expecting a more settled side: Brellier and Russell in midfield, Brown coming in for Big Bad John. But, on reflection, I can see a little method in Glenn''s apparent madness.

He''s played the same back four in all three games (largely, perhaps, because we have no options there at the moment).

But, in the other six outfield positions, he''s now given starts to 12 players: Huckerby, Murray, Brellier, Russell, Smith, Spillane, Chadwick, Croft, Dublin, Hartson, Martin and Cureton.

As we go into the international break, he has given almost every member of the squad a chance to prove himself or otherwise. I don''t think he could have done more to assess what he needs to do in the two weeks before the Coventry game.

In other words, these three games have been Roeder''s pre-season. In the midst of all the gloom, I am impressed with the start he has made as manager. Let''s hope he gets support from upstairs over the next ten days.

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