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Why?  Opinions will differ, but identifying the reasons may help in finding a way to pull us out of this quicksand.  I can only offer my own opinion as to why we are in this mess and I would be very interested to know if you agree or not.

I think the board have to be the main cause of the problem in that albeit with the very best of intentions, they have over their 10 year reign made mistake after mistake.  I know it''s easy to be wise after the event, but my point is when it has become glaringly obvious that corrective measures are needed, they didn''t act until it was far too late.  By such time major damage had been inflicted on the team both in the reduction of the standard of the playing staff and dressing room morale.  It is surely not unreasonable for the supporters of this club to at least expect that the board learn from it''s mistakes.  Regrettably, to date there is little evidence to suggest they are doing so.  With regard to their choice of managers, I think they have all been poor with the exception of Glenn Roeder.  They appear to have allowed Worthington to bully them into giving him the job and initially he was acceptable, but apart from the odd inspired signing I think he flattered to deceive and was ultimately retained 18 months past his use-by-date.  Meanwhile the Premiership windfall did not materialise into improving player quality and although it went to the wire, we failed.  By the time we were capitulating at Fulham, Worthington should have been gone at least 6 months earlier.  Then 2 years of parachute money again doesn''t find it''s way into repairing and strengthening the team.  Couple this with 12 months of ''Grant Lunacy'' where three of our best players decide they have seen enough and leave and here we are. 

What should the board do in the light of their errors that are responsible for the current mess?

1.   "Prudence with Ambition".  Nice theory, doesn''t work.  Too much Prudence, not enough Ambition.  Bin it now, if it''s not already too late!

2.  The squad is so poor the only thing that can possibly help is large amounts of money and quick.  If you don''t have it, sell to someone who has.  You have no right to allow this club to sink into the oblivion of League 1 just because you think no other person shares your priniples. 

3.   If you do have the money, tell Glenn Roeder to go out and get what he needs, whatever the cost.  Then pray you haven''t left it too late.

4.   If you as a board have been taking advice from Neil Doncaster (was he the author of Prudence with Ambition?), take no more and get rid of him.

5.   Be honest with the supporters and yourselves.  Admit you have made mistakes and tell them what you intend to do about it.  For example, are you going to actively seek the type of investor who can and will provide the financial muscle to bring in the players who are good enough to get us back to winning.  Remaining silent gives the impression of arrogance.      


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