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lobster catcher


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Good enough or not?

marshall maybe?

semmy not

doherty not

shacks maybe

lappin not

brieller not

russell not

croft maybe?

huckerby yes

martin yes

chadwick yes

brown not

cureton yes

big dave maybe?

jarvis not

spillane not

dosn''t make good reading does it?

agree or not?

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Hi Lobster

Marshall - for this league yes

Semmy - yes, under a decent footballing manager

Doc - partnered with an experienced CH (like Dion) yes

Shacks - jury out

Lappin - no

Breiller - jury out, but probably not

Russell - no

Croft - yes, if he ever gets fully fit

Hucks - yes

Martin - yes

Chadwick - jury out, possibly

Brown - think Roeder could make something of him, possible

Cureton - with better partner upfront - yes

DTS - jury out

Jarvis Ryan - no

Spillane - yes, with further encouragement and coaching

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Marshall - Yes but not as good as everyone thought

Semmy - Yes but needs a rocket for his attitude and plays better with Croft generaly

Doc - Jury out

Shackell - No

Lappin - Yes

Breiller - No hes no Saf

Russell - Yes for championship level

Croft - Yes

Hucks - Yes

Martin - Yes

Chadwick - Undecided has ability no doubt

Brown - No the next Adrian Coote

Cureton - Yes

Strihavka - If he can get fit , settle in and learn english possibly has ability

Jarvis Ryan - No

Jarvis Rossi - No

Spillane - Yes

Drury - Yes

Eagle - No

Dublin - Without a shadow of a doubt!

Gilks - Would like to see what he can do

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Good enough or not?

marshall  - yes

semmy - yes going forward, jury out defensively, confidence seems to have plummeted since start of season

doherty - just about ok

shacks - maybe

lappin - decent reserve, no more.

brellier - jury out. Clearly not fit yet

russell  - jury out. But has been playing successfully in this division for years

croft  - maybe, if he stays off the pies

huckerby - maybe - hasn''t recaptured past form so far this season

martin  - looks very promising.

chadwick - has the talent - does he have the fitness/strength?

brown  - I''m remaining a stubborn fan of Brown. Opposite of Cureton - does excellent work outside the box, rarely goes in it...

cureton - biggest disappointment this season? Contributes nothing outside the box and finishing has not been as good as we expected

big dave  - potential, but not the man to keep us up

rossi jarvis - looked utterly out of his depth to me.

spillane - not this season.

I''ve seen every home game this season, and I remain convinced that we have some decent players. But we have no outstanding players and we are desperately missing some leadership on the pitch. We can''t expect Dion to play every week. Roeder''s priorities before Coventry must be:

A midfielder who can pass the ball, and provide leadership and drive for the whole team. Russell and Brellier can then compete for the other central place.

A left-back. I think the Lapp fills in ok at left midfield.

A centre-forward.

Roeder''s comments continue to impress me. He needs to back them up with action this week.

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Im convinced that Glen will sort out the men from the boys...................................but it will take time worse luck...


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Good enough or not?

marshall- no, considering Ipswich got Alexandra on a free we were ripped off. He cannot catch a ball and makes too many silly mistakes

semmy- possibly as a right winger, but lets men go past him too easily

doherty - no way

shacks - possibility, but I believe he needs a decent centre half beside him

lappin- lacks quality

brieller no way, whoever signed him needs to be shot. Against Ipswich I hardly noticed he was playing

russell - He is ok, I believe he is the same as Shacks and needs a good midfielder to mop up his mistakes 

croft - would be excellent, only if he could cross better

huckerby - no doubt he is our best player. Ok he sometimes speaks out of place and hasnt really been playing that well lately, but at least he has had the ball to speak out and he missed most of preseason so he will become better in the next few weeks

martin - scored in his first five games or so and was hailed as a legend, but when has he scored since then. He is not good enough but perhaps has the potentiual to become a good striker.

chadwick yes, looked good against Ipswich

brown - I think he would do well as a midfielder, but has not got the ability to score goals

cureton - He is a good striker, but needs to learn the offside rule and get more service from the midfield

big dave - Possibly could be a great strike partner with cureton. I believe that he just needs to be given a chance

jarvis - not really got enough quality yet

spillane - Yes looked good in midfield against Wednesday should possibly be paired with Russell


Bring on the january jumbe sale! I think there will be alot of free agents floating about come winter.

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marshall - yes, but looks wobbly at times

semmy - yes

doherty - no, too much of a liability

shacks - sometimes yes, sometimes no

lappin - yes

brieller - maybe, but looking more and more like a no

russell - sometimes yes, sometimes no

croft - yes

huckerby - yes

martin - yes

chadwick - don''t know

brown - no, just no.

cureton - yes

strihavka - don''t know

jarvis - no

spillane - don''t know

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marshall - no, usless flapper!

semmy - no, is a league 1 full back and it shows

doherty - yes, we need him now i have to say!

shacks - sometimes yes, sometimes no

lappin - possibly, needs a shot of confidence

brieller - no! despite what a you tube video might tell us!

russell - yes, needs a midfield partner he can trust

croft - possibly.. done ok in recent weeks but doesnt create enough chances and just seems to run up and down the pitch with little impact or productivity

huckerby - yes... when he can be bothered.... got 1 eye on retirement now i think... if roeder can get someone in as good as Darren (and younger) then i''d get rid.... we need to plan for the future

martin - no! another ryan Jarvis.. how many games without a goal now?

chadwick - too lightweight, needs to toughen up a bit

brown - no.. league 2 for you!

cureton - no! sorry to say but he''s in the comfort zone, a hard boot up the rear will sort him out though

strihavka - I want him to succeed, i think he can! but he needs a chance!

jarvis - no

spillane - don''t know

jas :)

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Marshall - yes, but a bit wobbly at times and needs to sort his kicking out.

Semmy - maybe, needs to be more consistent.

Doherty - no, but would be more use as a squad player.

Shackell - yes, as long as someone with a calm head is alongside him.

Lappin - yes, we need him at dead-ball situations if anything.

Brellier - no, failed to live up to his reputation so far.

Russell - yes, will cover every blade of grass but he needs a decent and reliable partner in midfield.

Croft - yes, was developing a good understanding with Semmy on the right flank and I believe that those two could start to do so again.

Huckerby - yes, without question. We know what he can do, he doesn''t need to prove anything to anyone.

Martin - yes, play the ball to his feet and he can hurt the opposition.

Chadwick - maybe, needs to be stronger on the ball and get his fitness back.

Brown - no, he''s had more than enough chances to try and impress!

Cureton - yes, given the right sort of service.

Strihavka - maybe, hasn''t had a proper chance or run in the side.

Ryan Jarvis - no, just doesn''t do it for me. Hopefully for him, his loan spell at Killie will make him a more confident and better rounded player.

Rossi Jarvis - maybe, still young and has more potential in him than his brother in my opinion. Though some might argue that that isn''t saying much!

Spillane - yes, a good solid young player who will only get better in my opinion.

Smart - yes, this boy is lightning and the spell of first-team football at MK Dons will have done him the power of good.

And not forgetting Mark Fotheringham - yes, if he can reproduce the kind of form and ability he showed against Southampton before he picked up that nasty little injury. He made such a difference when he came on in that game, if he can repeat that kind of performance when he fully recovers from his injury, then I for one will be pleased with him. But will he be able to do it consistently after such an injury?

And the loanees:

Jimmy Smith - maybe, if he hadn''t have picked up that ankle injury during pre-season. As it is, I think he''s still recovering from it.

Martin Taylor - yes, looks solid and commanding at centre back but doesn''t really have any pace. Reminds me within a little of Malky Mackay. 



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Jas, has your opinion of Drury changed since we''ve been without him?

I suspect your view of Marshall might improve if he missed a few games. He''s been outstanding in a number of games this season, and, while I agree he doesn''t command his box as much as he might, he''s not exactly had much protection.

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Marshall yes

Otsemobor yes

Doherty not

shacks maybe

lappin yes

brellier yes

russell yes

croft yes

huckerby maybe

chadwick yes

martin maybe

brown maybe

cureton yes strihavka maybe

jarvis maybe

spillane maybe

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Marshall - yes though not as good as I expected him to be.

Semmy - possibly, works well going forward with Croft. Needs to improve a bit defensively.

Doherty - no, doesn''t lead, not as good in the air as he should be, clumsy and gets caught out too many times.

Shackell - possibly alongside a good leader. Has not seemed to make any progress over the past few years.

Lappin - no, needs to be able to do more than a just a reasonable free kick or corner.

Brellier - no, was never convinced by his reputation anyhow.

Russell - no, not particularly good at anything other than running and scrapping. Another Hughes.

Croft - yes but maybe needs to put in more effort at times. 

Huckerby - yes but is coming to the end of his shelf-life.

Martin - possibly, but I feel he needs to play alongside a good centre forward if he is going to make any real progress. I fear he may end up another Jarvis or Henderson.

Chadwick - possibly, but not sure of his best position. Got neat feet but no real speed or crossing ability.

Brown - no, doesn''t find the net enough. Not particularly good at anything else either.

Cureton - yes, will score goals if given the right service.

Strihavka - doubtful, another Norwich cheap option after being linked with so many exciting players.

Ryan Jarvis - doubtful, had plenty of time to prove himself although, having said that, he''s necer really been given an extended run in the team. How''s he getting on in his latest loan move?

Rossi Jarvis - maybe, though not seen too many signs of anything special yet.

Spillane - maybe, though I don''t feel he''s ready for the first team yet.

Smart - maybe, have heard good things about him although I don''t think I''ve seen him play yet.

Mark Fotheringham - no based on last season. Yes if he can consistently play at the level he did just before his injury.

Jimmy Smith - maybe but looked poor out on the right wing the other day.

Martin Taylor - yes, looks our best central defender.

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For me most players are certainly capable (see the Binners match if you need proof) but need a really massive kick up the jacksy to get going.  This is Roeder''s biggest problem, getting some competition for places is perhaps just what we need.  My list would be almost all ''yes'' and ''maybe'' (possibly only ''no'' to Ryan J, Brown, but not many others).  [I am quite amazed that most seem to think so highly of Croft - what has he done to deserve all the ''yes'' comments?  I have not seem him play overly well, but have certainly seen him play badly, so cannot with any honesty have him in anything other than the "I''m not sure" column.]

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Marshall = Yes? Overrated but still young, especially for a goalkeeper

Otsemobor = yes, even if its just for some extra pace within the squad

Doherty = Can look solid with the right partner, depends on opposition strike force

shacks = Dependant upon strike force.

lappin = Face it, he''s the best deliverer of a ball we have at the moment

brellier = Seems overrated. Havent really seen enough of him

russell = For getting us out of this scrap, yes, if partnered correctly. Needs creativity beside him

croft = Gives us width on the right, and firm competition for chadwick

huckerby = Yes, for this season.

chadwick = Seems quality on his day, still not seen enough consistency, however can be blamed on the whole team

martin = Thought he''d be the next big thing last season. Not sure.

brown = Better than strihavka when it comes to holding up the ball. Does Brown and Cureton communicate? Brown allways seems to nod it on in the wrong direction

cureton  = The only pure finisher we have.

strihavka = Next season he can prove his worth.

rossi Jarvis = Unlike what Grant seemed to see, i saw spillane as alot better player than Jarvis, but still got time to prove me wrong

spillane = If he can keep up some of his better performances, then yes.

To be fair, the whole squad bar two or three should really be in second place to their preferred position. However, a team can look completely different with a few quality signings. I believe ontop of Pattison, if we get 2 more players in we''ll avoid relegation.

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