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Rudolph Hucker


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I suspect, like most people, I was unsure about what to make of Roeder''s appointment at first.

He will, as they say be judged upon results but that must not be Sundays result it has to be over a period of time and with the inherited squad and league position it might have to be after a very long time because he has an awfully big job in front of him.

I know it''s probably ridiculous but I am glad to have an English manager again although if successful I couldn''t care if the manager came from Mars, and in an old fashioned sort of way a manager who looks like a boss instead of some scruffy addition to the playing staff. Add to that a manager with a calm and easy manager who, despite the inevitable cliques and stock phrases, is clearly legible and who presents a professional front, doesn''t hang his players out to dry and doesn''t talk in extreems.

I liked the fact he was so positive about bringing in his Assistant AND Coach and his intention to review what he has but to use his connections to bring in loans.

Roeder hit the nail on the head when he identified ''confidence'' as key. I have always believed our players are much better than form indicates and anyone inside or outside of sport does better when confident. How he instills this will be critical.

I am hopeful of seeing a return to football instead of the dire hoofing of the past couple of years and believe Roeder will try to play the game properly.

Respect is vital. Imagine having a manager like Grant at work...he wouldn''t inspire you, unrestrained he would drive you nuts.

Worthington largely had the respect of his players, Hamilton was a joke and we haven''t had a calm authorative and respected man''s man in charge since Mike Walker.

Roeder to me looks like FA old school. His presentation reminds me of the likes of Peters and Hurst and I personally find it refreshing to have a man in charge who I don''t feel embarrased about. In terms of character Roeder is exactly the right person in the same way I feel that for Crystal Palace Warnock is presently the wrong person. In the end, though, it is results that count although a more contented set of players trying to pass the ball and a united support would be a positive start.

You only ever get one chance to make a good first impression and Roeder did that today. I hope the players will believe in him and what he tells them because they clearly didn''t have that relationship with Grant and Duffy.

Some posters on here just spat their dummies because it wasn''t some gravel gobbed scouser from Dubai while others clearly identified themselves as anti-club and whose sad sustenance in life is to pick a passionate subject on a forum and attempt to wound those who want the best for the only team they have. It has been a day of clear revelation.

It may well be a roller coaster ride to the end of the season, it may well be another failing manager of Norwich City but it may also be a turning point and God knows we need one. I will back Roeder and the team because they want to be here and to do a job for my Club and because you have to play with the cards you are dealt, if we cannot do this then we relegate ourselves.

Good Luck Glenn Roeder and come on you Yellows.

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