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investment and clubspremiership  only 20 teams can play in this division, it is the big money making division, man u arsenal chelsealiverpoolthese four will always be top four clubs, this means that there are only 16 places left, do u really think investers are there for the clubs no they are there for the big money the premisership holds, however there is at anytime only 3 teams that can go up, hull, ipswich, wolves, leicster, southampton, coventry, west brom all these teams are vying for the three positions,which ever 3 come down will also have money to burn so they will try there hardest to get back, how many years are all these teams who have had invester going to wait before the prem money comes, if it comes at all for some of them, before long the bubbl will burst and these investors will be sorely regretting these investments and start to asset strip to get their money back, i can foresee this happeneing within the next five years, then where are these clubs, ill tell you up shit creak, no money, debts heavily beyond there control, bankruptcy, is this what people want for our club by having a investor who doesnt care about the club,we need a fan to buy us out, some one that loves the club so much he doesnt care about losing a small percentage of his fortune to help the club out,

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