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Bottom of the League Carrow Road chant

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Was it just me, or the only thing that the binners could actually come up with,  (and ive gotta give them mad kudos for the originality of the chant which prolly took them the entire Ipswich - Norwich coach ride to formulate ) actually quite morale boosting for us ?You got this bunch of tw*ts that cant even come up with something mildy amusing " Your on the Roeder Nowhere " or something funny... but as they are singing the Norwich players seemed to actually get really pissed off with them, to the point in which rather than heads down it became " Right scum, we will show you whos bottom of the bastard league ".I just found it amusing that they were silenced after the first Norwich goal.I was crusing some of the binner websites this morning,  they make the whole complaint about Hartson beasting them at the end, prolly the most respectfull things rival fans can come out with Id guess.Still they all know that we technically picked up the win, there 2nd goal shouldnt have stood, and the best bit ?Their hated rivals who are bottom of the league, out played them for 90 mins. Respect to the Scum counter attack to be fair but outside of that, they sucked !

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