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Starting lineup against Burnely

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Hartson, Cuerton and Smith on the bench?? What is this lunatic Jim Duffy doing?? Is he trying to prove he doesn''t want the job?Brown starting instead of Hartson.....................The fact Brown got us a goal last night means nothing, he would have to score 7 goals in the his 10 games toeven start restoring my faith in him.Lappin starting instead of Smith.........................Have''nt the fans been itching to see Smith return from fitness and save this club? Thast right Jim, totally ignore what the fans want.Strihavka starting instead of Cuerton......................Don''t get me wrong, I like Strihavka, but as we have no decent crossers of the ball it is futile sending the poor fella out there, his job is impossible. Plus i think he needs a bit more time to adjust to the english game. Cuerton is our best hope of scoring a goal.If any of these players weren''t match fit they shouldn''t be starting on the bench. And even if they were slightly unfit, its time they started showing some commitment to this club and start battling to prove it.

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