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This is my first real post on this site [ and i am a true fan of more than 40 years ] but unless the current mess is sorted now the only tune to play at carrow rd  is THE LAST POST .   We are becoming a total laughing stock with coaches/managers and playing staff seemingly pulling in completely different directions this has to stop.    The new manager must be the best that we can get [ why did this board not appear to have a clue who they   wanted ]  i like many would love this to be PAUL JEWELL but i also honestly believe this to be just wishful thinking [ WE LIVE IN HOPE ]  some players seem to think they are bigger than this GREAT club and some seem to not care at all .   I do not think all the scottish signings to be rubbish as many fans seem to think  ,  i believe that a settled team and playing style would help everyone  gel  .     COME ON CITY

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