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The Value Of A Good Striker

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Obviously, our focus is all things Norwich City F.C. and our magnifying glass is so focused. When we look at our main current problem i.e. the inability to score goals it causes many posters to lament on the loss of strikers like Dean Ashton and Robbie Earnshaw.

Just for a moment let''s point the magnifying glass in another direction and surmise whether the West Ham and Derby fans think they are getting good value for the money paid for these two strikers. No question that Mr. Ashton has potential but if I were a Hammer fan I''d be measuring the club record outlay for him and asking a lot of questions. It''s not so much how many games he has missed but rather how many has he played since joining them? Oh, I know, the injuries are misfortune....it could happen to anyone. Still, the facts are the facts. With respect to Earnshaw this was also a transfer record for Derby to pay. His playing time to date is measured more in number of relatively few minutes rather than number of games. Don''t you think this has a few Derby fans scratching their heads? Surely some would say there was enough evidence that he lacked something as Premiership player. In both cases, to date, the transfer fee/salary measured on a price paid to full number of games played ratio has to be enormous.

Bottom line, the strikers will chase the money and glory but, if glory is not forthcoming, they still have their sports cars and Hummers. What do the fans and the clubs have? Probably a declining asset within the next year or two. It''s not easy chasing, holding on to or getting valuable return on high-priced strikers, is it?

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